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Producer J-Swan (Jayse-Wan)

Producer J-Swan (Jayse-Wan) has been making music since 2004, starting off with jazzy, soulful and classical hip hop beats using Cakewalk Sonar.  He then upgraded to Reason a few years later, still producing hip hop and other forms of dance/electronic and made the switch to Ableton and Komplete 8 in 2010.  It was at this time that dubstep grabbed his full attention and most of what he makes at the moment is dirty bass music.

Born in San Fran and raised in Los Angeles, J-Swan (the name given to him by his old funk/hip hop/soul band from Huntington Beach) has had a very colorful musical background.  He has played the piano since age 5 and music has been a big part of his life since then.  Having played keyboards for various bands since 2005, he has had the fortitude to perform and record alongside such artists as Fishbone, George Clinton and P-funk All Stars, Trulio Disgracias, N’dea Davenport, Tim Alexander (Primus), Israel Joseph (Bad Brains), as well as members of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime and many more.  He toured with mega funk band Trulio Disgracias and Kim Manning (P-funk All Stars) for 6 years.  You can hear his funk influence in some of his current bass tracks as well as his classical upbringing.

He has also created scores for producers such as Kamala Lopez and continues to work on music for media and television.

What is Good Lyfe Addikts?

We love the Good Lyfe – it’s that simple. We love having the freedom to express ourselves through what we love to do – through doing what makes us most happy. As creative individuals we come together as an artistic collective aiming to inspire and better the world around us through our talents…whatever that talent may be.

It doesn’t really matter what avenue you choose to express yourself through as long as you are happy and you love what you do. We are artists creating our own vision…because for us life IS art. By doing this we make the world a better place individually.

We are the lucky ones…We are….

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